Blake International Rigs, LLC, a leading provider of offshore platform rig services, has expanded their product offering with rigless plug and abandonment services in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The US Gulf of Mexico has long been a hub for oil and gas exploration and production, and Blake International Rigs is excited to be expanding its services in this dynamic region.  With years of experience in providing safe and efficient drilling, recompletion, and plug & abandonment services with its fleet of platform rigs, Blake is confident that it can offer the same level of quality and expertise with their rigless plug and abandonment equipment and service offering.  In addition, Blake International can combine the slickline, e-line, and cementing services with its platform rig equipment, giving them the unique ability to offer integrated services for complex operations that require the use of a platform rig.

“Entering the rigless plug and abandonment market is an important step for our company, and we are excited to bring our expertise and capabilities to this sector,” said Jeff Kessler, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “Our plug and abandonment services are tailored to meet our clients’ regulatory requirements while minimizing the environmental impact of decommissioning their wells.”

Blake International Rigs has a proven track record of providing reliable, safe, and efficient results; and their commitment to safety and the environment is at the forefront of all its operations.  

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